We're on a mission to empower students and universities by making admissions simpler.

EdXeno is a Seattle-based EdTech platform that connects higher education institutions with students like never before through direct messaging, push notifications, and live streaming.
Students, through a mobile app, receive college application advising, locate college planning resources, and explore universities.

We believe all students should have easy access to high-quality planning.

How It Started

EdXeno was founded by a team of educators and innovators driven by a shared vision to revolutionize higher education. Inspired by a counselor's success in guiding students, EdXeno was created to provide personalized guidance, streamline processes, and foster connections. This journey continues, shaping the future of education with innovation and empowerment.

How It's going

At EdXeno, the journey of transformation continues to unfold. We're dedicated to enhancing the higher education experience for students and universities alike. Our platform is evolving with ongoing innovation, driven by cutting-edge technology and a commitment to empowering education. The EdXeno community thrives on collaboration, as we work closely with educators, students, and institutions to refine our offerings and provide even more value. With a focus on integrity and a passion for making a difference, we're excited about the positive impact EdXeno is making and the bright future we're shaping together.

Our Values


EdXeno is dedicated to empowering students and universities, providing them with the tools, guidance, and resources they need to make informed decisions and achieve their goals in the realm of higher education.


EdXeno embraces innovation and continuously seeks to evolve and adapt in response to the changing needs and challenges of the education landscape, providing cutting-edge solutions to its users.


EdXeno fosters a spirit of collaboration, connecting educators, students, and universities in a seamless ecosystem that encourages communication, engagement, and mutual support.


EdXeno operates with the highest standards of integrity, ensuring transparency, honesty, and ethical conduct in all interactions and services it provides to both students and universities.

EdXeno business model, explained.

The EdXeno business model invokes the interdependence of students and universities in order to properly scale its operations effectively.

EdXeno operates on a user-centered business model, connecting higher education institutions and students through its comprehensive platform. While universities benefit from streamlined admissions, efficient communication, and data-driven insights, students gain personalized guidance, access to resources, and seamless university exploration.

Our sustainable business model combines transparent pricing for universities with a commitment to providing invaluable support to students. This dual approach ensures mutual success, enabling universities to attract and engage top talent while guiding students towards a brighter academic future.


Mr. Jason Booker, M.Ed.

Founder & CEO

A former director of high school counseling and Silicon Valley native, Jason Booker has over a decade of experience advising students to attain their post secondary goals. He has counseled diverse students of all ability levels including Ivy League attendees and U.S. Presidential Scholars. His scarce combination of education, engineering, and statistics experience is highly unique and yields out-of-the-box ideas. He is the son of Joe Booker, the founder of five tech startups and the first Black CEO in Silicon Valley. A UCLA and Vanderbilt graduate with two advanced degrees, he is both prepared and motivated to transform the EdTech and education landscapes.